What I'd bring to Euphoria!

I'm pretty damn excited for Euphoria this year, as I am every year. This will be my third year and I think I'm getting the hang of how to be real equipped!

  • Toilet Paper

While TP will be in the porter potties, normally maintenance won't come till the AM. So if duty calls, you may just want to have your own resources. PLUS, you could bring some nice quilted sheets vs. thin paper like tp.

  • Head Lamp

While there are lit areas at night, along with tall power lamps to light the walkway back to the campsite. It's nice to have your own source of light when adventuring around the park. It's also hands free, for when you're doing activities at dance. Like dancing and eating midnight munchies. PLUS, it looks super cool like you're an ancient cave discoverer. 

  • Fun clothes

I say fun because all of the hippies of Austin show their true colors at Euphoria. I see lots of tie dye, patterns, rainbows, anything goes! Screw the ideologies of a conformed society, Euphoria redefines community. Keep it comfortable, cause you'll be walking and dancing. Keep it light, cause it may get hot in the day, but also maybe chilly at night. (Texas is weird with weather.) I see people with glitter, flash tats, face paint, spirit hoods, wings, fluffies, so many interesting things. So dress HOWEVER you want. Let yourself be free. 

  • Water Bottle

There's free water refill stations! Keeping your self hydrated is so important. If you've ever read those horrible stories in the news of kids at festivals, the main reason one would go to the hospital, is from dehydration. Seriously, take care of yourself. Stick it in your backpack or get a clip to hook onto your pants so that it's not that in the way. OR get a camel back! 

  • Rain cover for your tent

Like I mentioned, Texas Weather is unpredictable and Euphoria is rain or shine! Almost alllll tents come with a rain cover, don't leave it at home. You may need it. PLUS, rain covers offer extra privacy for mesh top tents. Who knows what kind of Euphoria you might find ;)

  • Rain Jacket

WITH THAT. You also can't bring umbrellas. They'd block people's view of the concerts and could be used as a weapon. PLUS, a rain jacket looks cooler than a poncho. 

  • FOOD 

IF you are camping. This is key. You can bring in any sealed food items. This is includes sammiches that you made the night before in a cooler in a baggie. Come prepared. Don't mooch off your friends. Don't be that girl. Plus, sharing cookies could be a bomb way to make friends. Give me oreos, and we can definitely be friends haha. While the festival will have food trucks and venders, along with a few trailers in the campsite, some day you may just want a small snack, or save some money. 

ALSO. This year you can not bring beer/alcoholic beverages into the campsite. Womp womp womp. BUT you can bring cokes, energy drinks, or any other non-glass non-alcoholic drinks. 

Have any questions? Snapchat me! yohannaho 


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