Weekend Moves MAY 13 + 14

So I'm really going to try and start utilizing my radio blog for more personal posts. You get enough celebrity gossip, which is still fun, haha but let's shake it up. Let's get to know each other. 

I think I'm going to try this idea out by posting on Thursday/Fridays with a blog on what's fun to do this weekend. Things I'm doing, things I want to do and we'll see if you like it. 

Weekend Moves!


You already know it's lit. 

Plus they've got Kiiara and Kyle as openers. Stacked. 



I'll probably make my way to the square at most point to get ratchet with all the grads. I have some friends who will be walking the stage this weekend and I've got to go buy them a shot to show how proud I am of them. 

Tips for grad weekend: 

-people tend to be a lil bit more dressed up from the ceremonies.

-people tend to get extra trashy, cause they're out of school.

-people's families come in, so don't get too weirded out seeing Mom's on the dance floor at Nephews. 



Yea, I'm on a pop station, which I love. But I like a BUNCH of different kinds of music. 

One of my favorite artists is Local Natives and they'll be playing at this beer fest this weekend. 

Yes Beer Fest.  




My mom flew to go see my dad who's coaching baseball in another state this week. So my family celebrated Mother's Day last weekend. BUT YOU BETTER APPRECIATE YO MAMA.

Get her flowers, make her a card, treat her right, do the dishes, give her a big hug and tell her THANK YOU + I LOVE YOU. Cause where would be without moms? Not on this earth. 


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