Mega-Famous YouTuber Says This Texas Burger Is The Best In The World

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The best burger in the world can be found right here in Texas, apparently.

Famous YouTuber Mike Majlak visited San Antonio on his latest episode of The Night Shift, a vlog series where he shares a random collection of videos and happenings in his life. In this episode, in addition to a cameo from Logan Paul at the WWE Royal Rumble, Majlak visited popular burger joint The Last Burgers.

"Texas, got a lot of burger options. You got people talkin' about Freddy's, of course, Whataburger," he said in the video. "You guys know that I love smash burgers, right? And there's this place in San Antonio called Last Place Burgers. It's like a pop-up and he doesn't open very often. Now the real San Antonians know that this is the s---, this is the spot."

Majlak is seen in the video entering the food truck, where owner Mark Villarreal opened up the truck just for him and his crew. Majlak watches the burger-making process, complete with 100% merican wagyu from Peeler Farms, a big spatula and a steak press.

"Imma cry," Majlak says while holding his burger, which features a double smash patty, three house pickles, ketchup, mustard and two slices of American cheese, all on a "beautiful sweet bun."

"This is phenomenal, bro," he says to George Janko. "There is nothing, not a single thing, that could be changed about that burger. I can't believe I'm saying this, bro. Last Place Burgers is now first place, I swear to God, bro."

He then shows some love to Villarreal. "You are a f------ magician, bro!" he said.

"This is the best burger I've ever had in my entire f------ life," Majlak said.

Majlak ranks burger chains throughout the U.S. and even abroad. Here's a look at the top 10 and the scores he's given them:

  1. Last Place Burgers, San Antonio, TX - 9.7
  2. Burger She Wrote, Los Angeles, CA - 9.6
  3. For The Win, Los Angeles, CA - 9.5
  4. HiHo Burger, Los Angeles, CA - 9.4
  5. Heavy Handed, Los Angeles, CA - 9.2
  6. The Window, Los Angeles, CA - 8.8
  7. Gold Burger, Los Angeles, CA - 8.7
  8. Buns Burger Shop, Puerto Rico, 8.6
  9. Grind House Killer Burger, Atlanta, GA - 8.4
  10. Apple Pan, Los Angeles, CA - 8.4

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