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Mother Is Reunited with Her Deceased Daughter Using Virtual Reality

I honestly don’t think this is something I could do if I lost a child.

Jang Ji-sung’s daughter Nayeodied in 2016 following a battle with a rare illness. Ji-sung has been struggling with her death. However she was recently given a chance to see Nayeo one more time.

A South Korean TV show titled Meeting You used virtual reality to give the mother a last chance to be able to see her deceased daughter. Not only was the mother able to see her daughter, she was able to interact with her, and TOUCH her as well!

Ji-sung was hesitant to touch the digital re-creation of her daughter, but the child insisted that they hold hands.

“Oh my pretty, I have missed you,” Ji-sung said through tears, and she hugged the digital version of Nayeo.

At one point, Nayeo picked a flower to give to her mother, telling her, “Mommy, you can see that I’m not hurting anymore, right?”

This interaction with her daughter ended when the child told her mother that she was tired, and laid to sleep in the middle of the field.

Afterwards, Ji-Sung wrote a blog about the interaction.

“Three years later, I now think I should love her more than miss her and feel sick so that I can be confident when I meet her later,” she wrote, according to Metro UK. “I hope many people will remember Nayeon after watching the show.”

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